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Rice paddy
Female farmer harvesting rice
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We offer rice mills from 18-500T/D.Commercial rice milling systems mill the paddy in stages, and are called multi-stage or multi-pass rice mills.

Rice Milling Equipment is designed and developed in compliance with international quality standards.

We provide consultancy service to set up new auto rice mill, to get loan from banks, to prepare project profile of auto rice mill, etc.


Another situation is some clients may some several suppliers together, finally can not decide which one they want to cooperate, this way clients can consider the whole plant, rice mill plant working need platform, the clients can consider which kind of platform they want to use, and rice mill plant work  Paddy husker     Three tyer  also have some spare parts need to be changed after working aperiod, the clients also can talk with supplier, then the warranty, the service, the installation, the delivery time, these together can choose their most interested in one

paddy husker
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